Romano Ala Crema Tubs 500ml and 125 ml


Authentic paste from real pistachio


luscious cheesecake rippled with creamy grisbi lemon crunch sauce

Salty Peanut

Salty Peanut rippled with Krocco Peanut Sause and cookie pieces


Pure hazel nut paste rippled with creamy hazelnut and chocolate sauce

Caramel Biscotto

Caramel Paste rippled with chocolate biscotto sweet cookie sauce

Caffe Coffee

Premium coffee paste with intense coffee flavored gelato with aroma of roasted coffee

Choc Mint

Refreshing Mint with dark Straciatela chocolate


Chocolate rippled with dark chocolate sauce

Roasted almond

Creamy Almond with fine almond pieces

Coconut Delight

Sweet fresh coconut paste smothered in coconut flakes and sauce